The Oracle of the Goddess is fundamental to the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
and Rites. At the Temple of Isis at Clonegal Castle, and in Lyceums around the
world, her Priestesses bring through the Oracle spontaneously.  In structured
rites within Lyceums, or with solo practitioners, the Oracles and the Rite are
read  aloud. Solo practitioners can also meditate on the oracles at anytime. They
are helpful in seeing problems and making choices, as they offer a transcendent

The Oracle is received when a Priestess calls the Goddess into a seated,
anointed and veiled sister Priestess, using invocations, and sometimes sistra,
rattles or drums. Oracles may be ‘brought through’  in solo practitioners, by
relaxation techniques and by 'tuning in'. In these cases it is a good idea to have
an mp3 or other recording device ready, as we can learn a lot from studying the
Oracle – the voice of the Goddess.  It is advisable to earth yourself by taking
tea, or water, and bread or plain cake afterwards, followed by a loud clap of
your hands.

All Priestesses can be an Oracle of the Goddess. As the year turns, we will add
Oracles from the Liturgy received from Olivia Robertson and oracles received
by members. Please respect copyrights (see below).

Our first Oracle is of the Goddess Derceto.

Derceto  is a Syrian goddess of the waters depicted with a fish tail, or a
mermaid. She has astronomical aspects as well. She is sometimes compared to
Venus, goddess of love, with whom she shares the symbolism of the dove. The
dove descends into the waters, bringing love and life. Derceto is sensuous and
brings life to the primal waters, as goddess of sea and space. Her sign is
Aquarius,  and  I see her manifest in Pamela Coleman Smith’s Temperance tarot
card, pouring the waters.

Caroline Wise

The Oracle below appears in Olivia Robertson’s Panthea, Initiations and Festivals
of the Goddess

               The Oracle for the Festival of the Hydrophoria
                               February 1st and 2nd


Invocation from a Priestess: Most beautiful Goddess Derceto, Queen of the
Oceans, Whose fish’s tail hath the stars of our galaxy for Its shining scales,
come to us with Thy gifts of prophecy and love, vision and ecstasy.

Oracle: From the rushing waters of tempests, and through the still calms of
tranquil seas come My gifts. For there is no joy without happy emotion, no vision
and no heaven without love. The love I bring is the union of twin souls, for water
joins with water in perfect harmony. Every soul thirsts for love. This secret
longing is cunningly concealed under long words and the maze-like ploys of the
intellect. It is masked by obsession for power and riches. Yet though great
nations and empires pass, and worldly treasure is lost in the transient tides of
life and death, there is no death for those who love. Oblivion comes when the
soul is dried up with material cares. It can only be revived through love.
The love I bring is deep and true and is not the pretense of a premeditated
emotion. It springs as easily in a deer seeking a mate, in a seal feeding her
young, as it does in two human lovers finding ecstasy in union. The God Dagon
hath His sea-tail coiled through the depths of the ocean as Mine coileth about
the Milky Way. Yet are We both in union. All goodness comes from harmony, and
a joyful chorus of peace springs from love. Music is the utterance of the heart
and colour is its aura. The greatest gift of the Goddess is love for another, and
this love overwhelms the isolation of the separate self. In like manner when the
soul returns to the everlasting Mother, it is as a river that finds its goal in the
all embracing sea. For the Father orders and rules justly: it is the Mother to
whom the soul turns for comfort. When all worldly ambitions fail, when striving
for success falters, then the eternal bliss of true fulfillment is found in My
starry arms. There you will enjoy content in your eternal haven. For when a soul
hath bravely overcome the storms of unruly emotions, My sign, the rainbow of
harmony, joins earth with heaven, and My love brings the olive branch of peace.
Oracles of The Fellowship of Isis

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