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A website dedicated to the healing power of Isis through the use of
the ancient Egyptian Knot of Isis spell/prayer has been launched by
the Circle of Pelagia
Personal Message from Olivia Robertson, Co-Founder (added 2010)

My brother Lawrence, his wife Pamela and I looked to the future at arrangements for the
continuity of the work of the Fellowship of Isis globally.  We loved the Temple of Isis and our
Festivals at Clonegal Castle.  Our members will always receive a loving welcome there!  The
general work of the FOI is carried out by the FOI Foundation Union Triad:  The Archpriesthood
Union, The Archdruid Union of the Druid Clan of Dana, and the Grand Commander Union of the
Noble Order of Tara.

Membership of Circle of Brigid – May 1st, 2010

In order to secure the success of the 8 yearly Clonegal Festivals for the future, the Membership
of the Circle of Brigid has been reconstituted. The 8 members of the Circle of Brigid are
responsible for running the Festivals at Clonegal, and Olivia wishes to call only on those members
of the Irish Priesthood who have been able to attend fairly regularly, and would wish to on an
ongoing basis, personal circumstances permitting.
If you wish to attend one of the Festivals, please contact Rev. Minette Quick
"Braiding the Flame of Brigid:
A Celebration of the Spirit of
Brigid of Kildare"
Celtic music CD composed and performed by Minette Quick
with harp by Madeleine Doherty.
CD is available by emailing Minette at
"undiscovered musical genius" says Rev. Sean McCabe, OT.  
Click on the CD cover above for Sean's glowing review and description of the tracks.
Minette Quick
Judith Page
Judith's books/poems are now available in Kindle and/or paperback format.   The link on each
cover is for the Amazon UK site; all are available on  and other sites.
FOI Meeting in Glastonbury at Lammas
The Fellowship of Isis Shrine for the
members meeting with Olivia yesterday
(8/1/2011). The paintings of Set, Isis,
Osiris and Hathor are originals by one
of the local members, and Celia Thomas
set up the altar.
Dancing on Saturday, July 30th with
Lydia Lyte, Olivia Robertston, and
Julie Felix
Glastonbury Priestesses with Olivia
FOI women in Abbey Tea Room -
the mystical place with delicious cakes!
FOI Gathering in London on July 17 2011
 "Before the event began Olivia invoked the
Goddess Isis of the Thames to be present.  
After filing in and taking our seats we
discovered that the Goddess had taken
Olivia at her word and the floor was
becoming saturated with water, which was
creeping in from the skirting board.  Mass

Click on Olivia invoking to read FOI member
Claire's continuing description of the event.  
"All's well that ends well"
Phyllis, Olivia, and Michael in
the pub afterwards.
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