Member News - Review of Braiding the Flame of Brigid"
"Braiding the Flame of Brigid:
A Celebration of the Spirit of
Brigid of Kildare"
Celtic music CD composed and performed by
Minette Quick
with harp by Madeleine Doherty.
CD is available by emailing Minette at
Rev. Sean McCabe, OT.  
This is an excellent Celtic music CD with all music composed, performed
and produced by Minette Quick except for some exquisite additional
harp accompaniment arranged and performed by Madeleine Doherty. In
my opinion, it is very underestimated by a lady who is an undiscovered
musical genius.

The CD begins with “Braiding the Flame…” and would be suitable as a
processional melody. In “Don’t be Afraid of the Light”, I could almost see
the Fairey Folk assembled around the altar in the Sacred Abbey in
Clonegal waiting to partake in the Eucharist of the Elements. Quite
playful; the little people of the Light like rainbow-drops playing and
glistening on the harp strings. “Deep Peace” is from a traditional Celtic
prayer and is summed up in: “The essence of inner peace is joy!” A state
of mind we could all do with in the present economic turmoil so listen to it
and cheer up! There is also a very good affirmation towards the end –
“Let go, let go…” “Santa Brigida” is an instrumental and it really touched
my heart and is suitable for many suitable occasions.
“Friend of the poor and the hungry,
Hear our prayer, teach us to care
For the needy ones who cry to thee…” M.Q.

Another instrumental, “The Blessing of Light” with the assistance of
gentle flute playing allows one to reflect on one’s earthly pilgrimage
amidst the old Irish blessing of friendship, hospitality and generosity.
Track 6, “Divine Mantle”, was inspired by the Imbolc ceremony at
Chrysalis, Co. Wicklow in 1998 where these traditional and stirring words
formed part of the ritual. The harp in this piece summons up visions of
sunlight shining through newly opened green leaves and sunlight glistening
on rivers and brooks as mother earth awakens from her seasonal
slumber and the Fairey Folk assist as page-boys of the Divine Mantle.

Now, halfway through the CD, we have “The Run of the White Cow”. This
is very suitable for outdoor working under the night sky. It is inspired by
a poem by Gabriel Rosenstock. Basically, “…as a child Brigid could only
drink the milk of a white cow with red ears. The White Cow is also a
Celtic metaphor for the Milky Way. Gazing at the night sky, we embrace
the unity of Brigid, the Christian Saint with the Goddess of Creation.” The
sounds generated in this piece of music lifts you into the starry bosom of
the night sky! This is ideal for launching a pathworking. Indeed, the last
two tracks remind me of some of my magical field trips.

“Woman of Peace” is ideal for meditation and unity in Peace Thought. The
main message conveyed by Minette in “Healing God” is “…the eternal
Truth that God’s Love awaits us at every turn” if we can just drink of
that concept! In “Turn Back the Streams of War”, images of druids
chanting and prancing on hill-top as the ancient Irish Clans gather ahead
of a battle were summoned in my mind. It had a shamanistic effect on me
and as the roots of my auric body entwined into a time vortex in the
earth I could see Lugh Lamhfada with his magical spear in full flight
against Balor. Excellent!
Track 12 “O Daughter of Dubbtach” is from the poem by Bernadette
McMahon “Brigid of Cill Dara” which is from her book “On the Hill of the
Goddess”. The CD concludes with a reprise of “Woman of Peace” which is
an instrumental and very suitable for meditation.
Minette describes herself as “a composer and healer, whose music is an
expression of her love of the earth and its Creator.” Minette is also a
very talented artist and she is currently working on a