Member News
Fellowship of Isis members met at Treadwells
bookstore for a day of celebration held in
basement of the bookshop with the co-founder
Lady Olivia Durdin Robertson.  Caroline Wise
hosted the event and other speakers were
Fleur Shearman and Vivienne Crowley.

Before the event began Olivia invoked the
Goddess Isis of the Thames to be present.  
After filing in and taking our seats we
discovered that the Goddess had taken Olivia
The annual FOI London Gathering was held at Treadwell's Bookstore on July
17th.  The following was contributed by FOI member, Claire...
at her word and the floor was becoming saturated with water, which was
creeping in from the skirting board.  Mass evacuation!  After a massive
cleanup operation all trooped back in.  Caroline then gave us a talk about the
infamous treatment of young girls entrusted to the care of the Roman
Catholic Church; this was followed by Olivia enlarging on this. A subject we
found absolutely appalling and one about which I, for one, had no previous

Fleur Shearman, who works at the British Museum as a restorer, then
showed some beautiful slides of the Goddess Minerva, along with many
other God/desses, including the Muses from Greek Mythology.  She went on
to give details of the slaying of the Medusa and told how, from the Gorgon's
head the magical horse, Pegasus, was born. This was followed by a short
pathworking relating to her talk.

Vivienne Crowley went on to give a most informative talk about the Black
Madonnas, who seem mainly to be congregated in France, reaching from the
South and coming up to the North along the riversides.  She said that some
of these figures could well be depictions of Kali brought to Europe by the
Gypsies who fled from India to take up residence in Europe, bringing some
of their statues with them.

Olivia then took the stage.  As always she was mesmerising and held us in
thrall.  Her pathworking was a truly magical experience.  We were invited to
meet Kali and to remove any blockages we felt we had by bringing them to
the Goddess.  Personally I found this the most amazing experience and my
first encounter with this powerful being.  On we went through a dark tunnel,
to the stars and beyond. We each had our own highly personal experiences
but each found the whole pathworking fulfilling, both spiritually and

As always Caroline held the day together in her usual efficient and caring
way and in all it was a day to savour and remember!  I am just so sad that
this year I will be unable to join Olivia at the Goddess Conference in
Glastonbury but I  have promised that, the God/desses permitting, I will be
there, next year with my dear friend Phyllis when Olivia will again be
weaving her magic.