Join the Fellowship of Isis
Application for Membership
Anyone who has read the Manifesto of the Fellowship of Isis and agrees
with its principles may enroll as a member. Membership is free. All
members are free to resign and to rejoin.
In the case of individuals who may have resigned from the Fellowship of
Isis and wish to rejoin, please state that you are a returning member in
your request for membership.

All information is held private
Membership Request
All sections below must be complete for submission of your membership
request to the Fellowship of Isis. Please send the information as required
below in an e-mail to:

Yes, I wish to become a member of the Fellowship of Isis. I agree with the
principles of the Manifesto. I am over 18 years of age.

Legal Name:

Mailing Address:


E-mail address:

Note: You may include your spiritual name on the application, but it must be
accompanied by your legal name.  Please indicate which name you want on
your Certificate.   Certificates will be emailed unless otherwise requested.
If you have read the FOI Manifesto and agree with its principles, you may
join the Fellowship of Isis.  Please provide us with the required information
as requested below.
Aset Shemsu - The Retinue of Isis