Events and Announcements
From FOI Co-Founder Olivia Robertson
via Minette Quick, Hon. Secretary of the Circle of Brigid, Ireland
Received April 10, 2011

The Following Global Sites:
Circle of Isis (Fellowship of Isis Central)
Fellowship of Isis Homepage Archive
FOI Germany
Star of Elen

Are Authorized To:
1. Publish the Fellowship of Isis Liturgy
2. Publish all of Olivia Robertson's writings
3. Publish all of Olivia's recordings (as liturgy tapes, CDs)
4. FOI manuals and handbook
5. Excerpts from Lawrence Durdin-Robertson's work

From Olivia Robertson, 16/4/11.
"Copyright in usual legal terms belongs to any Global Site that publishes FOI material in print form,
this includes translation. Royalties 10% go to Olivia Robertson for FOI expenses.  On her decease
the Royalties go to the publishers."

I Olivia Robertson am inspired by Isis at Opet 23rd July 2011 to declare
that my niece the Rev Cressida Pryor our priestess is my successor to my
spiritual work for the Fellowship of Isis.

We need a world centre to coordinate the names and commitment to the
manifesto of all our centres throughout the World at the unifying address of
the Foundation Centre Clonegal Ireland. The register will be in the care of
Cressida Pryor on her email address

Signed: Olivia Robertson

And from Cressida:


I Cressida Pryor commit myself to continue the spiritual work and path of the
FOI as started by my Aunt Olivia, Uncle Derry and Aunt Bobby.

I feel honoured and delighted to pick up the baton of this challenge and I
know I have huge footsteps to fill.

The central tenets of the FOI manifesto will be a crucial obligation for all
centres to uphold. This will allow for democratic, equal and spiritual dignity
for all members.

Registration will remain within the foundation centre under the care of
myself.  New centres and members need now to apply to the FOI Central
Registry on my email address.

A requirement of registration is to agree to the ideals and ethics of the

Signed Cressida Pryor

Clarification from Caroline Wise -
Pamela Durdin-Robertson was known as Poppy to the FOI and Bobby to her
family.  Cressida's email is I would suggest that she
is not bombarded with emails and only send when they are for new centres
and members.  <Note - one can still join FOI by registering through this site.>